5,6&8hr Sea Fishing trips

3hr Mackerel Fishing trips​

5, 6 & 8 hour Sea Fishing trips

3 hour Mackerel Fishing trips​


Welcome to our website

A family fishing business in Keyhaven since 1960!

Specialising in 5, 6 & 8 hour inshore private charter fishing trips for smaller groups of anglers, families, workmates etc. We also run very popular 3 hour private charter Mackerel trips and 2 hour sightseeing boat trips around the famous Needles lighthouse area.

****Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we will not be running any trips during April,

please scroll down to read more.****

We operate two charter angling boats out of the picturesque harbour of Keyhaven in Hampshire on the southern tip of the New Forest National Park. "SUNRISE" is a 34ft Starfish skippered by Ray Pitt and "OSPREY II" a 33ft Lochin skippered by Greg Pitt.

Both vessels are licensed and insured to carry 10 passengers + 2 crew and are fitted with full life saving equipment as required by the MCA. We specialise in general downtide inshore fishing trips at a reasonable price for smaller groups of anglers, families, workmates etc, ideally we like groups of up to 5 or 6 people on our charter trips but you can bring up to a maximum of 7 if you want to, we are happy to carry our full compliment of 10 people on the shorter 3 hour summertime Mackerel fishing trips as these trips are fished on the drift and not at anchor like our longer charters. By keeping the numbers on board our 5, 6 & 8 hour trips to 6 anglers or less it makes for a much more enjoyable day for everyone (including the skipper) with less tangles and more room to move around on the boat. We fish the western end of the Isle of Wight mainly around the Needles area but also Christchurch Bay and the western Solent, fishing for a variety of species depending on the time of year. Our trips are all about having an enjoyable day out on the water downtide fishing at anchor for a mixture of species.

Sorry but we do not do specialist Bass fishing or wreck fishing trips.

Our Private charters can be booked for any available day from April to mid January.

Please see the 6 & 8 hour Sea fishing or 5 hour Sea fishing trip pages for full details about our private charter fishing trips and the 6 hour Sea fishing trip page if you're looking for an individuals trip.

During the school summer holidays in July and August we also offer our very popular 3 hour private charter Mackerel fishing trips, these are great little trips for groups of beginners, workmates, friends & family etc and suitable for all ages. Full details about our mackerel trips can be found on the 3 hour Mackerel fishing trips page. Please have a browse around our website to find more details of the fishing trip to suit you.

NEW FOR 2020

We can also now offer 2 hour private charter sightseeing boat trips viewing the Needles lighthouse area and Alum bay coloured sand cliffs, these trips can be booked for any day that we are not already booked on fishing trips, please take a look at the 2 hour Needles Boat trip page for full details.

Today's info bites


Unfortunately the coronavirus outbreak has thrown all our early season plans up in the air and out of the window as we're not really sure what to expect over the next weeks and months. For now we've decided not to run any trips during April and we will assess the situation on a month to month basis thereafter taking notice of all government advice and guidelines. If you have a trip booked with us during April we will be contacting you very soon.

All our private charter trips can still be booked in advance for later in the year and we will then assess the situation closer to the time of each booking, trips will only go ahead if both you and us are happy to do so and there is no foreseeable risk to anyone's health. Deposit payments will be refunded on any booking that has to be cancelled due to the coronavirus.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope that everything can return to normal as soon as possible, please take care everyone and good health to you all.

If you'd like to contact us during March please email us or text Greg's mobile and I'll get back to you as soon as possible, our normal phone number will be active again from April.

INSTAGRAM ~ I've started an Instagram account if you'd like to follow just search for gregpittseafishing on the app or here's the link 


Fishereman holding 11lb Bull Huss

6 & 8 hour Private charter fishing trips

Our 6 and 8 hour private charter fishing trips are aimed at the smaller groups of up to 5 or 6 people ideally (max 7) and can be booked on any available day from April to Mid January.

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Fisherman holding a Thornback Ray

5 hour Private charter

Sea fishing trips

Our 5 hour sea fishing charters are popular with friends & family groups, workmates, beginners and anyone looking for a shorter fishing trip. Aimed at smaller groups of up to 5 or 6 people ideally (max 7) this trip can be booked on any available day from April to Mid January.

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Family mackerel fishing with Needles lighthouse in the background

3 hour Private charter Mackerel fishing trips

Greg's 3 hour Mackerel fishing charters can be booked for any available day during the school summer holidays from 20th July to 4th September. This is a great trip for groups of beginners, workmates, friends & families etc up to a maximum of 10 people.

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Fisherman holding 9lb Smoothound

6 hour Sea fishing trips for Individuals

Our 6 hour Sea fishing trips for individuals run on selected weekdays from May to November. We only run a few of these trips as most of our work is private charter.

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Needles Lighthouse, Alum Bay, Scratchells Bay

2 hour Private charter Needles boat trips

Our 2 hour private charter Needles sightseeing boat trips can be booked for any day that we're not already booked on fishing trips from April to December.

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Our 2 most popular trips

3 Hour Private charter Mackerel fishing trip

20th July to 4th September (on any available day)

Private boat charter price = £170

All rods & tackle included (maximum 10 people)

Full details on our 3 hr Mackerel fishing trip page.

5 Hour Private charter friends & family fishing trip

April to early January (on any available day)

Private boat charter price = £220

All rods, tackle & squid/mackerel bait included

Ideal for small groups of up to 5 or 6 people

Full details on our 5 Hr Sea fishing trip page.

Mackerel trip Photos

Hi, when I'm doing my mackerel trips I rarely get the chance to take any photos to use on the mackerel trip page so I was wondering if you could help me, if you have any photos taken during one of my mackerel trips on board Osprey II over the last year or so and you are happy for me to use them on this website I would really appreciate it if you could email them to me with a description (name of person in photo and year taken etc). My email is on the contact us page.

Thank you very much.


After you have booked your fishing trip

When you make a booking with us we will confirm the details of the trip and give you a start time for you to be on board the boat at Keyhaven, directions for getting to Keyhaven and where to find the boat when you get there are all on the "Where to find us" page. You will also be asked to phone us at 7.00pm the night before your trip to confirm that the marine weather forecast and sea conditions are suitable for your trip to go ahead, PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO THIS!!! as our trips are fished on the open sea and we have to take notice of the weather forecasts to ensure your safety and enjoyment during the fishing trip.

Our decision on whether or not a trip goes ahead is based on our reading of the latest marine weather forecasts for the strength of the wind, our knowledge of the localised weather conditions and also our years of experience taking people fishing in our local waters, it's not just a matter of whether the sun is shining or not so please remember to phone us to check all is ok. Our aim is to give our customers an enjoyable and above all safe fishing trip so if we are forced to cancel a trip please try to understand that we make the decision with your best interests in mind. If your fishing trip is booked as a birthday present it is always a good idea to have a "plan B" in mind for your day, just in case the weather conditions prevent us from taking you out to sea.

For availability and bookings please phone

01425 612896 (9am ~9pm) During March please email or text.

If we are not answering when you call please don't give up, try us again later in the day or after 5pm is always a good time to get us.

Email and text options can be fo​und on the Contact us page.

Many thanks.